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Private WiFi can successfully encrypt your Wi-Fi traffic
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Private WiFi can encrypt all the data you send or receive via Wi-Fi connections. It is intended to overcome the potential dangers of surfing the web through insecure public hotspots. To do this, the application creates a virtual private network and re-routes all your traffic as encrypted data through the developers’ servers. Logically, this implies a risk as you would be trusting your privacy to that company.

The application has a nice interface. In fact, after initial configuration, it doesn’t require much further interaction, as it works quite transparently and automatically. Part of this first setting process is the activation of the service because the application won’t work otherwise. Fortunately, the developers have a wide network of servers spread over various continents, so you can choose the one nearest to you. When active, the application hides your actual location, providing their server’s IP address instead. Another advantage of the service is that it can reduce data traffic by compressing the packages.

In general, Private WiFi seems a good way to prevent your sensitive information from being stolen. You should know that the tool uses a subscription-based service, which you can pay according to the amount of traffic, monthly or annually. As an additional service, the program can protect your system against viruses and worms attacks. It is a pity that my connection’s speed decreased when the program was active.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is easy to use
  • It uses strong encryption algorithms
  • It hides your actual location
  • It can reduce data traffic


  • It requires paying for the service
  • It may slow down you connection
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